Tuesday, 12 April 2011

My top beauty buys

Clockwise (ish):
  • No. 7 protect and perfect beuty serum: I'm not sure if this works but its never to early to start with the anti-aging process, and this product is supposed to be the cheapest of the best! It has a gorgeous texture and doesn't leave my skin feeling oily and clogged
  • Nivea Lotion: This is OLD-SCHOOL! But its the best thing for taking off mascara with. Trrrust.
  • Umberto Giannini, Enviable body blow-dry spray: This DOES add volume, and apparently protects from heat as well. No stickiness or stiffness.
  • Cocoa Butter Forumlae moisturising cream: Smells wonderful, feels wonderful, and does the trick wonderfully
  • Dry shampoo: Any brand will do, but it really is useful, especially for those with fringes, for de-greasing, adding texture, and a bit of volume
  • Clearasil ultra face pads: Yesss, at the age of 22 I STILL use clearasil. But I have tough skin that's still oily and prone to break-outs, and I can trust this to always do the job. My skin is pretty damn clear because of it!
  • Vichy normderm anti-imperfection cream: This is the BOMB. It just works. It reduces pore size, oiliness, and is a fantastic base for make-up. I owe it all to this product.
  • Superdrug Solait fake-tan spray: I sometimes spray this lightly over my face and chest before applying make-up. It gives even application and a sun kissed look.
  • Rimmel instant tan: BRILLIANT for legs for a night out, especially when mixed with a cheap dark foundation which helps to cover bruises and blemishes. Make sure you use a tanning glove to prevent (very) orange hands!
  • Aussi Miricle hair insurance leave-in conditioner spray: I have long thin tangly hair, and spraying this in before combing it wet really helps
  • Clean & Clear daily wash: I try not to use exfoliating washes too often as I think it inflames my skin a bit which can sometimes make it oilyer. However, when needed (to scrub off heavy make-up days) this is a nice gentle one which smells super
  • Clearasil ultra gel face wash: I use this twice a day, every day. It really seems to do the job.
  • Moroccan hair oil: my friend in America recommend this to me (where I bought it for wayyy cheaper), and it does seem to help my slightly heat-damaged hair. Don't use too much though!

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