Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Crunchy Peanut Butter

Dear Felicity,

Many thanks for introducing me to the joys of crunchy peanut butter. It's like we were meant for each other! I like it best spread on apples.



Beautifully odd

Super new campaign from Chilean clothing company 'Basement' featuring Mossy getting loved up with a man wearing oversized bunny head. Perculiarly cool. Love it!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

My top beauty buys

Clockwise (ish):
  • No. 7 protect and perfect beuty serum: I'm not sure if this works but its never to early to start with the anti-aging process, and this product is supposed to be the cheapest of the best! It has a gorgeous texture and doesn't leave my skin feeling oily and clogged
  • Nivea Lotion: This is OLD-SCHOOL! But its the best thing for taking off mascara with. Trrrust.
  • Umberto Giannini, Enviable body blow-dry spray: This DOES add volume, and apparently protects from heat as well. No stickiness or stiffness.
  • Cocoa Butter Forumlae moisturising cream: Smells wonderful, feels wonderful, and does the trick wonderfully
  • Dry shampoo: Any brand will do, but it really is useful, especially for those with fringes, for de-greasing, adding texture, and a bit of volume
  • Clearasil ultra face pads: Yesss, at the age of 22 I STILL use clearasil. But I have tough skin that's still oily and prone to break-outs, and I can trust this to always do the job. My skin is pretty damn clear because of it!
  • Vichy normderm anti-imperfection cream: This is the BOMB. It just works. It reduces pore size, oiliness, and is a fantastic base for make-up. I owe it all to this product.
  • Superdrug Solait fake-tan spray: I sometimes spray this lightly over my face and chest before applying make-up. It gives even application and a sun kissed look.
  • Rimmel instant tan: BRILLIANT for legs for a night out, especially when mixed with a cheap dark foundation which helps to cover bruises and blemishes. Make sure you use a tanning glove to prevent (very) orange hands!
  • Aussi Miricle hair insurance leave-in conditioner spray: I have long thin tangly hair, and spraying this in before combing it wet really helps
  • Clean & Clear daily wash: I try not to use exfoliating washes too often as I think it inflames my skin a bit which can sometimes make it oilyer. However, when needed (to scrub off heavy make-up days) this is a nice gentle one which smells super
  • Clearasil ultra gel face wash: I use this twice a day, every day. It really seems to do the job.
  • Moroccan hair oil: my friend in America recommend this to me (where I bought it for wayyy cheaper), and it does seem to help my slightly heat-damaged hair. Don't use too much though!

Monday, 11 April 2011

TOWIE's Lydia has some (style) sense

My eyes back-tracked when I saw this photo of some of the TOWIE posse out promoting their horribly entertaining TV show. Lydia (far right) has proven that some Essex girls DO know how to dress, and there's more to her than a dopey dumbstruck blonde. (sorry). She's managed to cover-up, look lady-like, pretty, and stylish all in one go. Well done Lyds, although I hope the rest don't follow suit, part of the reason they're so great to watch is because of the tragic clothes they exhibit in every episode.

Red hot dress


Clean and Modern at Topshop

Topshop's girly side

Friday, 8 April 2011

Thursday, 7 April 2011

What would you do....

If you looked like this:


Sweet Lucy

This is Lucy, a good friend of mine. I took this photo back in 6th form for A-Level photography. We both went our own separate ways after school, but 4 years on we've recently re-kindled our friendship and often meet in the city for cheeky late-afternoon drinks. As you can see she's a real beauty, and I'm so happy that she's back in my life! Luce-when are you free next week?

Messing with light

Joanna Claire

Sweet scents of India

On a recent trip to India I just couldn't get enough of all the beautiful flowers and petals that surrounded me. The lotus flower (bottom) was my absolute favourite, never see them in florists in the UK though? Anyway, enjoy...